Sunday, August 31, 2008

Drawing Exercise (UpSiDe DoWn)

Part of an exercise in class on Thursday, alot of people had done it before but I was new to this. We basically had a drawing given to us to be turned upside down and we had to re-draw the image in our sketchbooks. Our instructor said to focus on the lines and not what the image itself was as we drew for thirty minutes. Another suggestion was to not start by outlining the image, so I started at the bottom and worked my way through. I did my best and tried to focus on the lines themselves, my sketch got alittle crunched for space near the bottom and alittle off proportion on the shoulders. And also his head is abit off but I think I did ok for a first time doing this exercise.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shoe Sketch

This is my first sketch exercise as an IARC major. The subject: drawing your neighbor's shoes. My model's name is David (Also an IARC major) and his New Balance shoes. I chose his shoes because first of all they weren't the flipflops everyone else seemed to be wearing and second they had a lot of detail with stitching and had varying textures. I really like to do even the smallest details when I sketch. I'm happy with how it turned out.

I look forward to the next sketch exercise. :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Post!

After creating my new Blog.Folio today I started poking around sketchblogs to see what there was to see here on blogspot. (Not just because it was an assignment to our IARC class, but also because I was genuinely curious about what all there was to see.) I ended up clicking on a couple links my IARC professors suggested and then even clicked around on the links of those sketch blogs to see other artist's various works. I took their advice and got myself completely lost in looking at the sketchblogs of others for at least an hour if not more. There was so much to look at!

From the set of starter sights that were there to give us a taste of what was on a sketchblog and what it was all about, I enjoyed looking at Andrea Joseph's Sketchblog the most. Most if not all of her sketches and artwork are done in various colors of ballpoint pen, which is simply amazing to me that she could work so accurately and produce such amazing results with fun and interesting pen strokes and a sort of realistic quality. I also liked how her subjects for the sketches were basically everyday items such as shoes, a travel toothbrush, and buttons.

In getting lost later I stumbled upon another blog that appealed to me called Ice-Cream Monster Toon Cafe, one because it had the most interesting name I'd seen yet in my wandering (The name worried me slightly but it was worth clicking on.) and two because of the colorful and fun artwork posted there. I love watercolor and I love to see other people's styles with this medium. The artist, Alina Chan, basically had all of her sketch work done in mostly watercolor with some pen or pencil work mixed in. What I liked most about her artwork was the variety of subjects she focuses on, everything from people to animals to landscapes. I enjoy her style mostly because it's so playful and yet it was still very professional in some ways.

I look forward to posting my work here and perhaps getting lost again on my free time.