Monday, December 8, 2008

Moving the display

Today was the day we had to take up our concrete forms from the Critique last week, a group of us came down at about noon today and began moving all the concrete forms, even those not in our own groups, out to the outside area of the wood shop. Tristan lent out his car for our purposes and we were able to get all the forms safely covered and put away til spring semester.

The Workers
And myself

Thanks for your help everyone!!!!

Final Results of Pathways+Edges+Boundaries

A week of casting and many stepping stones later as the sub-group of 'ground plane' in the Gateway group we were ready to set up one and a half of the two paths planned out for the critique after thanksgiving break. In my group I helped pour concrete, mix concrete, build molds for stepping stones with Sharon, make negative space forms to create circles, and blogged about the process on the group blog.
The hardest thing for us was waiting for the molds to try so we could pop them out and make the next batch of stepping stones, also we had a hard time deciding how much pea pebble aggregate to use but we soon found the magic amount and it made our stepping stones strong without the expense of wire mesh.

Here are some pictures of our displays for the entire class part of the project, Pathways.Edges.Boundaries. Each group within the project, Gateway, Oasis, Mirage, Desert, & Living on the edge contributed drawings, models, and process pictures for the display.

For the group presentation, I did a throw-up sheet and a section drawing of one of the stepping stones, also Tristan's pictures and my pictures combined made up the process picture section.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Working with Vellum [House and Chapel]

The last two assignments for Stoel's rotation were the most challenging and admittedly the most fun to do. Starting with an elevation view of a house, we were to measure it at 1/8":1' scale, double that amount and then draw it in 1/4":1' scale. After which we got a chance to do some major poche-ing on the house and in the foreground and background, along with lettering from a paragraph in the book.

The last was of a chapel, and this one was by far the hardest one to draw to scale for me, I had to start over various times because the roof measurements didn't add up and therefore the whole building was wrong. We used the same process in scale with the last assignment and then in the end got a choice between one poche-ing method or another along with more lettering.